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#252 WorksForMe Error with size of torrent and free space markybob Duffy

I get this error when start Deluge: There is not enough free disk space to complete your download. This torrents will be paused.

There is 200GB free space.

Sometimes I just get it on the torrents in size over 10Gb and sometimes on all torrents. Useally fixed after restart Ubuntu.

#253 Fixed Torrents restart from zero everytime markybob Duffy

I have two torrents that restart from 0% finished everytime I restart my computer. Yesterday I restarted my computer with both torrents on 20-30% finished, after the restart they began on 0% again. Recheck does not help.

#254 Fixed cant run multiple torrent downloads markybob anonymous

hi, i am running on vista 32 bit, my problem is that i can only download 1 torrent at a time, if i set off more than 1 torrent then the program freezes and have to do a reboot, i have had the same problems on the last 3 previous versions as well.

problem 2, when i select the fast resume file to continue the torrent nothing happens when the program opens,i,e, no torrent found.

thanks for your time.

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