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#381 Fixed Bug in Archlinux PKGBUILD / andar

There is a problem which prevented me from compiling deluge. The reason behin it is, that arch's version of python is to new to work properly with the 0.6c6 setup-tools version. I changed it into 0.6c9 and now everything themes fine.

I created a patch and an updated PKGBUILD, fell free to take it without credits or something. Url of the PKGBUILD and the patch:

#115 Fixed bug in calculating the share rate markybob Daniele Valtorta

Deluge calculates the share rate with "bytes uploaded IN THIS SESSION"/"bytes downloaded IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE TORRENT". Obviously this produces a share rate very low.

#1035 Fixed Bug in client authentication when auth file has many lines (patch included) andar gcoriasco

Hi, I found a problem in authenticating localclient to deluged running on the same host after upgrading to version 1.2.0_rc1 on my Ubuntu machine. The problem is in the fact that the client does not strip out the trailing newline from the password read from the auth file (as server do instead).

I'm attaching a little patch to deluge/ui/ that should solve this problem.

I hope this will help



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