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#591 Invalid builtin plugins should not use pkg_resources.resource_filename andar mvoncken

Builtin plugins should not use pkg_resources.resource_filename It prevents them from being used as eggs.

#592 Fixed Deluge memory leak andar anonymous

When running the deluge process with no use of the deamon on Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 the process will consume more and more memory until it is all used up.

Deluge is currently at 2.9 GiB out of 5.8 Gib ram and 700 swap. A freshly opened instance will be ~30 MiB. I currently have 24 torrents with 7 downloading, with sizes ranging from ~100 MiB to 12.1 GiB. Speed limits global 80 KiB/s down and 30 KiB/s up. individual torrents may have upload speed restrictions that vary. Global share ratio limit is 5, though individual torrents may have other ratios. I am using full allocation, all the network extras, encryption both ways (entire stream). Global max connections is 400, max uploads is 50, half open connects 50, max connection attempts per second 30 and the blocklist plugin active.

I have seen the deluge process get up to ~5 GiB, with my system rapidly degarding due to lack of memory.

I suspect this may have been an issue with 1.0.3 as well since I left it running at one point during a half week trip and when I returned my system was thrashing and frozen. One hard reboot later and everything was working, though I had to redownload all the downloading torrents I had, though those that were seeding were fine.

#593 Invalid problem with ports andar dids22@…

hey, i use 1.0.4 ver' and i have problem with the option of using ports

as you can see, i choosed to using port '58601' but the selected used port is 45429 (this screenshoot is after restarting deluge.

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