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#391 Duplicate Deluge does not compile with BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS defined markybob


first of all I want to thank you for a very good piece of software. The new separation of daemon from the GUI is a very good (and logical) step. Also I have briefly look at the source and the C++ style you use is very pleasant to me, so you have my admires.

I am trying to build the deluge for small linux box WMU6500-FS and since I had a problem with exceptions (sjlj vs dwarf2 model) one of steps I tried was to define BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS macro. It looks it is partially supported in your code so I thought it could be a good choice, but there are several places which do not compile at all. I have made several changes in the code (with no deeper understanding the consequences - some where pretty local but some others are rather hacks) and now it at least compiles. Later on I decided to re-compile GCC so I am not using the macro anymore (so this bug report has null priority for me), but I thought I could let you know (just in case you had some spare time to look at it).

I'll attach the diff file, the whole story how I changed the code is described here.

Best regards, Filodej

#401 Duplicate upnp on ubuntu hardy on 64 and 32bit doesn't work for version 1.0.0_RC4 markybob

Deluge doesn't properly map UPNP on version 1.0.0_RC4 under ubuntu hardy 32 or 64. Router does not show any mappings and its selected in the preferences.

Downgrading to resolved issue.

#413 Duplicate Changing download priority on a folder in treeview andar

When you select the download priority on a folder in the files treeview the expected behaviour would be to recursively apply that priority to all the items within that folder and in subsequent folders. Currently nothing occurs at all.

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