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#595 WontFix Window redraw messy when overlayed andar brad_mccormack@…

Whenever I am using a window that has been opened in Deluge such as the Preferences window and when I move it around over the main Deluge window the redraw is pretty chunky.

Sort of gives me the impression that the program is clunky from a UI responsiveness point of view.

When you move around the window over a window that is not Deluge then this problem does not occur.

I came close to marking this as trivial but its sort of annoying. Perhaps it is the UI toolkit's fault?

I'm an absolute newbie at Python so probably can't figure it out.

#598 Fixed deluged does not stop or kill andar anonymous

Description: Deluge daemon does not respond to kill command.

Additional info: deluge 1.0.5 and Arch Linux

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run deluge in daemon mode (classic mode is off under preferences). Start using 'deluged'.
  2. Have about 4 torrents in the queue. 2 torrents actively downloading.
  3. Let the daemon run until the torrents begin downloading.
  4. Run 'killall deluged'.( Even tried 'sudo killall deluged')
  5. deluged won't stop or kill and download continues

[Over time I have noticed mutliple deluged process by running 'top' command, hogging CPU and network]

#599 Fixed auto add torrent in paused state andar anonymous

I'd like to see a setting where one could set torrents automatically added from a watch folder to be paused or unpaused.

This would be particularly useful for torrents coming from RSS feeds that need to be downloaded to specific folders rather than the default folder. Before starting the torrent you could point the torrent to the desired directory and then start the download.

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