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#420 Duplicate Session Statistics tab andar kivilcimh@…

I'm not sure if this is the place but, I have a feature request.

Just like utorrent, if we could have a counter of bytes transferred both in the current session and gross total (since Deluge was installed) it would be nice

#422 Duplicate A good graphic traffic display markybob kivilcimh@…

I guess we need a good graphic display.

After reviewing lots of p2p software (starting from edonkey2000, to mldonkey, deluge etc.) I think a good traffic graphic should have these;

1) A wide span. It should be able to display traffic in means of second, minute, hour and day. Thus will be able to display ten-thirty days of traffic.

2) An aritmetic mean. It would be fine to have an average displayed on the graph.

3) Ability to reset the counter.

If you could supply these I think it will be very satisfactory.

#470 Duplicate File upload/download starts before blocklist is imported. andar anonymous

Seem to recall this being fixed in an earlier release, but it seems to have reappeared.

As the summary implies, file transfer starts soon as Deluge has loaded, even although a blocklist is being imported in the background.

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