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#479 Duplicate upnp updates on port change - does not add udp or release previous ports RC9 andar anonymous

UPNP works properly at startup and requests port open for tcp and udp. Upon changing ports and no restart, upnp requests are sent to add only tcp port. Requests to remove previous ports and to add udp port not sent. See upnp.log file attached. --russ

#484 Duplicate Support for groups of torrents andar jd@…

Hi. A nice feature to consider would be groups. One would be able to select one or several torrent and add it or them to a group (an existing group or a new one). Groups would be listed on the left panel (may include a separator under "Checking"). One should then be able to manage torrents as currently doing for a sole torrent (pause, delete, bandwith actions, re-check and the like). Maybe using contextual menus on the groups labels within the left panel for these global actions would be appropriate.

#491 Duplicate Rechecking indefinitely when external disk is not available andar VincentBeers@…

I have two external hard disks of which I sometimes only have one connected to my PC. However, if I do this, the torrents that belong to the other disk stay on "Checking... 0.00%" indefinitely and Deluge will never get to the point where it starts (re)checking the files on my other external hard disk. It doesn't even "error" these torrents, it plain keeps them in paused "checking" mode until I connect the drive and restart Deluge!

Using XUbuntu 8.04, disks are mounted to /media/disk/ and /media/IOMEGA HDD/.

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