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#1456 Fixed Calculation of ETA with multi-file torrents Cas hammered999

Since I am really bored to describe the problem and since a picture is worth a 1000 words, take a look at the problem. It is pretty simple and annoying.

#654 Fixed canceled recheck (close deluge) does not complete on the next startup andar deluge(at)

If you have a recheck running, and you close deluge, it stops the recheck. Thats fine.

But, when you start deluge again, it assumes that the recheck was completed, and starts downloading the file at the point where the recheck left off. Thus, if you have 3/4 of the file downloaded, and the recheck only completes 1/3 of the file, then next time you start deluge, it will think you only have 1/4 of the file (1/3 of 1/4)

I think that is what is happening, though, my math may be off. Regardless, deluge should finish rechecks when it is next started, instead of just leaving them unfinished.

#2288 WorksForMe Cannot add this type of torrent damoxc poh880

I cannot add this torrent from WebUI but it was no problem, if I add it using the client.

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