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#3387 Fixed create_plugin script references missing file awknaust

This line references

But it creates config.ui

The result is your brand new plugin will fail to be correctly loaded.

#3388 Fixed Failure to upload some torrents mille337

All the torrents I tried from fail to be uploaded with the web interface and URL download doesn't work either.

Example torrent: (but all torrent I tried from, big or small, are failing)

I see the following line in the deluge-web logs:

[ERROR   ][deluge.ui.web.json_api     :218 ] Object of type bytes is not JSON serializable

I haven't looked too close yet, but dumping the bencode structure of torrents show they put a lot more metadata than most other trackers.

Deluge version: 2.0.4.dev23+g2f1c008a2-3/Python 3.8 (Archlinux)

#3393 Fixed Changing location of "move completed to" doesn't work captaintrav

Deluge 2.03 - libtorrent 1.2.5 - Xubuntu 16.04

In the preferences, set a location to move completed torrents to.

Add a torrent. While it's downloading change the location to move the completed torrent to, and click on Apply.

When the torrent completes, it does not move to the folder selected, it moves to the folder set in preferences still.

In fact, if you close Deluge and re-open, you will find the location to move completed torrent to did not change.

Tested on Xubuntu 18.04 as well with Deluge 2.0.3 installed from PPA and same behavior was observed.

This functionality seemed to work fine on Deluge 1.3.x

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