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#492 Duplicate Selecting an "alternative storage directory" andar

This is kind of a personal feature request, but probably benefits other people too...

Basically, I have several external hard disks, and some of them usually try to mount /media/disk/. However, if I already have a disk in there, it mounts to /media/disk-1/ and Deluge will never find the correct location this way. It is a bit of a hassle to remount the disks in the correct order, and therefore my request is if alternative storage locations can be defined, so it can try to download to location #2 if location #1 was either not found or contains nothing (of course, if location 2 is empty too, it just downloads to location 1).

#509 Duplicate Inaccurate file percentages andar

Percentages of completion aren't always accurate for some reason: sometimes one of the files has already finished downloading but stays just below 100%, and sometimes (rarely) it even goes above 100%!

Having precision on file completion is nice, but apparently not as accurate as one would think. Requesting another glance at the code that calculates this stuff.

#515 Duplicate Tracker based priority andar

Hi! I searched on the forums and tickets for this idea and guessed it's not been raised; apologies on the contrary.

A nice feature to have could be priority management based on trackers. I foresee two flavors:

  • allowing for global priorities only (as currently implemented). That is, if one set tracker A to be High Priority, then all its torrents get High Priority on; if tracker B is set to Normal Priority, but has one B_1 torrent set to VeryVeryHigh? Priority, B_1 will have the priority of leeching over A torrents, although the tracker it belongs to has a lower priority than A's;
  • allowing for two hierarchical levels of prioritization: trackers, then torrents within a given tracker. That is, considering the same two trackers with the same priorities rules, B torrents will never have the leeching priority over A torrents. In the same time, if A has several torrents, say A_1 to A_3 with priorities declared as A_1 > A_2 > A_3, then along the fact that A_i torrents have the priority over B torrents, A_1 remains before A_2, A_2 before A_3 in the priority queue.

I'd go for the second option, for it provides the user with a powerful tool when it comes to handle trackers for which leeching/seeding activity is rare but important; for instance private trackers where one strive to build (or at least keep!) a good ratio. But the first flavor may be simpler. Maybe giving the choice as a user preference would be great, but the mechanisms are a bit different in the background, so you may not want to code and manage both… if only this idea interests you to start with :)

I happen to know that the 1.1 branch can filter torrents by tracker, so it could make the implementation easier?

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