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#1169 Invalid Clicking the notification area icon does not show deluge when it is hidden squisher

Clicking the notification area icon used to hide / show the deluge window. I think since 1.2.1 it will only hide the window, but not show it any more. I have to right-click the icon, and click "Show Deluge" to get the window back.

#1210 Fixed Deluge does not correctly save the sort column and order in the files tab squisher

Deluge doesn't correctly save the sort column and order. Just try to select ascending sorting on the file name. Next time deluge is started, no column will be sorted.

The problem is the incorrect check of the return values of set_sort_column_id(). A simple if is used, which evaluates 0 as False, but 0 is a valid column id _and_ sort order.

#2962 WorksForMe deluge-gtk freezes when using the Open Folder function with nemo sponix

1) Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit 2) Ran deluge-gtk, selected a torrent, and choose "Open Folder" 3) The Location of the Torrent opened in the nemo file browser, and deluge-gtk froze solid 4) Expected the torrent data location to open and deluge-gtk to continue running as normal 5) This freezes deluge-gtk every time and only a force quit or kill -9 will close it afterwards

This issue seems to be only with Cinnamon, I can do the exact same thing in Mate and it functions fine.. But if I install nemo within Mate and set it as the default file browser the freezes take place again..

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