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#279 Fixed No download activity recorded for some torrents markybob anonymous

For one of the torrents I have been downloading, no overall, or individual peer download speeds are indicated, and the "downloaded this session" number for it is not rising, however the overall amount downloaded is increasing visibly nonetheless.

This could be something to do with the fact the block size is 64kB, which seems unusually small compared to the normal 256kB to 4.0MB range.

I will attach the torrent this has occurred with.

#280 Fixed per-torrent setting for "stop seeding when share ratio reaches.." andar Zider

As summary says, per-torrent setting for "stop seeding when share ratio reaches..". Not sure what else there is to explain. ;)

#281 Fixed Split view for (completed / seeding) and (active / downloading) torrents as in azureus andar


I think a splitted view as seen in azureus would give much more usability. Upper part for active, paused, stopped downloads Lower part for completed, seeding downloads.

This way one can specify how many active / uploading / downloading torrents there should be without messing around in the torrents order. This is what annoyes me the most.

Perhaps this could be done as an plugin or as an option, so users have the choice. Now, when you click "put finished torrents to the end" they will stop seeding. This is not good at all.

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