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#1291 Fixed Cannot register to forum spjoe

No captcha Field, by forum registration

I saw the sticky news This was about one month ago. What is going on?

Sorry i post this as an bug. But i do not know how to contact anyone.


#1368 Duplicate Move to trash or optional confirmation dialog when removing data SpinUp

It would be great if Duluge could use the trash if it's available when 'remove with data' is used. This could be specified as an option in the preferences (ie. 'Use trash when removing data'). There is a trash-cli tool that supports the specification, and may be helpful in implementing this:

Alternately, maybe the 'remove torrent' item in the contextual menu could be split into two items: a regular 'remove torrent' item that requires no confirmation, and a 'remove with data' item that prompts the user to confirm before deleting data.

This is to prevent boneheads like me from deleting many gigs of data with a single errant click when they only meant to remove the torrent.

#898 WorksForMe problem with lables and "move ready torrent" function andar spiff.63@…

If you use plugin "Labels", and activate move ready torrent function for each label. For eg. (label movies - move to /torrent/ready/movies, music to /torrent/ready/music, etc ) When deluge restart, downloads defined correct with lables, but field "move to" for each download has string "/torrent/ready" (its default ready path) without label prefix.

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