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#282 WontFix Add rating as seen in azureus andar senior.developer@…

In azureus someone can rate torrents with 1 to 5 stars and write a short comment. Compatibility with Azureus would be great.

Perhaps this could be added as an plug in. I set this to minor an 0.6.0 because of the upcoming rewrite.

#283 Fixed resuming a paused seeding torrent fails andar danii


resuming a paused seeding torrent fails, pausing a single seeding torrent just gives out:

[DEBUG   ] toolbar:151 on_toolbutton_resume_clicked
[DEBUG   ] menubar:222 on_menuitem_resume_activate
[DEBUG   ] core:395 Resuming: ['dcab4cf8c0a58754a2c8ebf81d1de3be31b4e06b']
[DEBUG   ] core:607 torrent_resumed signal emitted
[DEBUG   ] signals:97 torrent_resumed signal received..

no error but with resume all:

systemtray:276 on_menuitem_resume_all_activate
[WARNING ] torrentmanager:436 Unable to resume torrent 5c236425e2e61d22a8dabd4657ecfa36a0775704
[WARNING ] torrentmanager:436 Unable to resume torrent 409b686058f03fb03779a440e31bbf5732250680
[WARNING ] torrentmanager:436 Unable to resume torrent d4e0c3f10ee07b78f4c66c6b34066a4305daabce
[WARNING ] torrentmanager:436 Unable to resume torrent a2180cd9c41e439c23fb891ef2c6779ec3c0c2b8
[WARNING ] torrentmanager:436 Unable to resume torrent 62c6b0b1c2531f68acae6921f09883d101d25055
[DEBUG   ] core:617 torrent_all_resumed signal emitted
[DEBUG   ] signals:107 torrent_all_resumed signal received..

the 3rd torrent is the one paused, 4th is queued for downloading, 2nd is seeding and the remaining 2 are downloading

also when you add a torrent that was already completed for seeding, if during the check it gets in the download queue, when the check completes torrent resumes seeding as expected, but if the queue is empty or not full, while checking the torrent is in paused state and when the check completes the torrent remains paused, it's probably related with the above problem of resuming seeding torrents

#284 WontFix Deluge WebUI Plugin contains an invalid security certificate mvoncken amaner

when attempting to connect to the deluge webUI using http secure, firefox 3.0 report an invalid security certificate, and refuse to connect (unless an exception is setup, in the case of firefox)


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