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#807 Duplicate Customized file names are reset when Deluge is closed and re-opened andar Legoguy

Version 1.1.3/1.1.2 Refer to a few posts down in the forum thread:

I added a bunch of torrents with 1.1.2, in a paused state, then changed all the names of the root folder in the Files tab to / (so that I could seed the torrents I had downloaded with µtorrent, which behaves differently with regards to folder names). Once I did this, I forced re-checking on all of them, and resumed them so they would seed. All was well, then I upgraded to 1.1.3. Upon loading 1.1.3, all of the torrent's folders had been reset to what they were before I renamed them. I renamed most of them to / again, but some of them refused to change the folder name. I restarted Deluge and found that once again everything had lost my folder changes and I still can't rename some of them.

#830 Duplicate add multiuser ti WebUI damoxc anonymous

it will be nice if WebUI had a multiuser interface, with hiding torrents from other users)))

#849 Duplicate In Ubuntu Jaunty the external disk must be "active" for deluge to start up. andar tim.kornhammar@…

Using distribution Ubuntu Jaunty and Deluge GTK gui.

Previously (and normally) deluge starts up and works like a charm. But in Ubuntu Jaunty and the external disk is idling deluge hangs, first problem is here, deluge shouldn't stop from starting up just because a drive/folder is not accessible.

No to the idling problem. If you access the drive using any other program, say a file browser, the drive spins up and you get access. If I then start up deluge it works like normal.

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