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#1147 Fixed Cannot upload a torrent in a multi-user system via the web interface damoxc _Lemon_

In a multi-user environment, e.g. every user running their own deluged and deluge-web as a separate user on the system, when uploading a torrent the second user to do so will get a eternal "uploading torrent" dialogue in the web ui.

I have diagnosed the problem to this file:

The first time a user uploads a torrent a "delugeweb" directory is created. This is owned by the first user and has the default file permissions (0700 on our systems).

If a second user then tries to upload a torrent this will fail as the directory is owned by the first and they do not have write permission.

This bug *may* be related to the ticket:

Possible solutions:

  • A folder name based on the user e.g. "delugeweb-$userID".
  • A call to set 0777 permissive restrictions on the folder when created. However this would require the uploaded torrents to be set to 0600 (the default but hey... let's make sure?) afterwards.
#992 Invalid Cannot use numpad to write numbers in the Preferences dialog (AJAXUI) damoxc neggelandia@…

Under Preferences -> Bandwidth you have to use the normal number keys when you specify a value in on of the fields, for some reason nothing happens when you use the numpad keys. Yes, I have checked that NumLock? is on.

Version: Deluge 1.1.9 compiled from SVN.

#2241 Fixed Can't add any torrent files with GUI running michkrol

I'm running newest Deluge built from git the master branch on Windows 7 (x64) with python 2.6 (32bit version), libtorrent After my last build Deluge can't download any torrent files, if called from a web browser or Windows Explorer to open the file. It shows error message:

Invalid File
utf8_encoded() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)

Magnet links work.
What's weird is that it only happens if deluge GUI (deluge.exe) is already running (in background) when the browser calls it with new torrent file. Also doesn't work if flegxet tries to add new torrent file.
If the GUI (deluge.exe) is closed and the browser opens it to add the file it works.

In short, to reproduce you need to:

1. Open GUI (deluge.exe)
2. Click a torrent file in a web browser or a local torrent file in Windows Explorer
3. It shows the error.

It works if you:

1. Exit the GUI (deluge.exe process is not running even in background)
2. Click a torrent file in a web browser or a local torrent file in Windows Explorer
3. It let's you add the torrent.

The last version working for me is ca1a5d33f487e9f7983090041d8f20af3aa5d1e8 (2012-12-11 01:11:11 (GMT)), but I'm new to git, so take it with a grain of salt.

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