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#869 Duplicate concurrent downloads using same name are not handled andar caramba_bk@…

There are sometimes two distinct torrents using the same download name, probably providing largely the same content, although not exactly identical. Deluge doesn't seem to handle this, so all files from both torrents are merged into a single download directory. Also, when one of the torrents finish, the directory might be moved and so causes the remaining torrent to fail when it has nowhere to continue writing its files.

Deluge should handle this situation, at least by appending a ".[n]" to a duplicate directory name before it is created. Like numbered backups for the cp command. This assignment must be atomic.

#875 Duplicate Switch to unlimited upload once seeding andar somethingsome2000@…

to get good download speeds, i have to cap my upload to a certain extent, but want to be able to set my upload speed to unlimited when a torrent begins seeding. Please consider adding this, yeah?

#892 Duplicate Delete key no longer deletes torrents andar DavidKelly999

After recently upgrading my operating system and deluge, I noticed that the ability to delete torrents by pressing the delete key was no longer working.

Deluge 1.1.6 is terrific - this is the only small problem/annoyance I have with it. I wrote a small patch to ui/gtkui/ to fix this.

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