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#297 Duplicate Show the availabilty of each chunk in the "Details"-tab markybob Bengt.Lueers@…

I just found that G3 torrent has a feature, showing the relative distribution of the a chunks of a file as a histogram.

With that data, the user could see, if the torrent was an incomplete upload or so. - In addition to the absolute "availability"-index, deluge calculates per torrent.

Perhaps deluge could also use that data to prioritize the not so common chunks. - And by that keep some files from dying.

... well after all, I just wanted to give you some input. :)

#298 Fixed UI non responsive after close to tray andar callx

The torrent list no longer updates(e.g Progess, Download speed..) when restoring from system tray.

Reproducible: Always Version: 0.6.0 svn Rev 3280

#299 Fixed torrent file added via gtk ui gets saved with random name andar deluge-trac@…

adding via the web UI, the torrent file gets saved as ubuntu-8.04-alternate-amd64.iso.torrent. With the gtk ui it is tmp$somethingrandom. It would be nice if the gtk ui preserved the filename as well.

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