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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1550 Crash on passing a command line parameter bug major Core 1.3.0_dev
#2384 invisible throttling bug? bug major Core 1.3.6
#2419 Deluge freezes upon adding magnets or torrent files bug major Core 1.3.3
#1292 Torrents with non-ascii (0x80-0xFF) character hidden in gtkui bug minor GTK UI 1.2.3
#1811 Encoding problem within deluge console nick bug minor Console (new ncurses) master (git)
#1850 Feature request - Segmented downloads feature-request minor Unknown other (please specify)
#1853 settings lost on restart-deluge 1.3.1 on ubuntu 9.10 bug minor Unknown 1.3.1
#1948 deluge should delete pid files when quitting. bug minor Unknown master (git)
#2390 Deluged Crash Upon Adding Torrent bug minor Unknown 1.3.3
#1320 "Update tracker" option doesn't work bug trivial Core 1.3.0_dev
#1398 deluge-console commands with parameter --help fail bug trivial Console UI 1.3.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1318 Deluge forgets some label data bug major Plugin 1.3.0_dev
#1335 Renamed file after daemon restart always downloads again with original name. defect major Core 1.3.0_dev
#1265 Sometimes to change options to individual torrent doesn't work bug minor Core 1.3.0_dev
#1459 Download Location ignored when adding torrent bug minor GTK UI 1.3.1
#1463 Can't limit speeds bug minor Core 1.3.0_dev
#1357 Choose torrent state to be set after re-hashing is completed feature-request trivial Core
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