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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3038 Unable to open preferences dialog when connected to remote deluge daemon bug major GTK UI other (please specify)
#3036 Deluge automatically starts loading all episodes even when only one specific episode is selected bug minor Unknown 1.3.14
#3029 Selecting certain files for download has major bugs bug critical Unknown 1.3.14
#3019 unable to save proxy info bug minor Unknown other (please specify)
#3017 Error adding Host bug minor GTK UI 1.3.14
#3000 1.3.14 fails to respond properly to choosing which files one wants to download. bug major Unknown other (please specify)
#2981 Deluge Crashes When Started bug major Unknown 1.3.13
#2944 Cannot edit some config on Windows bug major GTK UI 1.3.13
#2940 VC++ Runtime Error bug blocker Unknown 1.3.13
#2904 Memory leaks bug minor Unknown 1.3.13
#2899 Not able to choose language. bug trivial Translations 1.3.13
#2892 Deluge crash after something bug major Unknown 1.3.13
#2886 No Sound/Blink Notification bug minor Unknown other (please specify)
#2872 Resume All bug minor Unknown other (please specify)
#2871 Renamed some of the folders I download to. Could not change download target and resume. Changed folder names back. Now almost all torrents have errors bug critical Unknown 1.3.13
#2864 Small UI bug bug minor Unknown 1.3-stable
#2845 No Sound - Deluge Mac bug minor Unknown 1.3.12
#2843 Started Crashing after about a week bug major Unknown 1.3.12
#2822 core bug blocker Core develop
#2817 Can't open torrent file that has characters other than English bug minor Unknown other (please specify)
#2803 web ui bug minor Unknown develop
#2791 fails opening magnet links (via CTRL+O, command line or browser integration) bug major Unknown 1.3.12
#2781 'Open folder' incorrectly opens root folder bug major Unknown 1.3.12

Resolution: WorksForMe (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3107 Some torrents can't be renamed bug minor Unknown 1.3.12
#3040 No connection bug major Unknown 1.3.5
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