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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#660 autoadd broken in svn trunk andar bug major Unknown
#807 Customized file names are reset when Deluge is closed and re-opened andar bug major Unknown
#849 In Ubuntu Jaunty the external disk must be "active" for deluge to start up. andar bug major Unknown
#924 Deluge generate a huge number of XPropertyEvent andar bug major GTK UI
#944 torrents and external disk andar bug major Core
#1004 Torrent error on resuming (stored on external drive) andar bug major Unknown
#1017 Disclose Name of Country the Flags Represent andar feature-request major 1.2.0 Unknown
#1134 Options Tab and Preferences window are conflicting bug major Unknown
#1192 Lack of keyboard shortcuts feature-request major 2.0.0 Unknown
#1219 create torrents from folder with non-ascii name doesn't work bug major 1.3 Unknown
#1274 Add multiple users support to the webui damoxc feature-request major 2.0.0 Web UI
#1325 webui username damoxc feature-request major Future Web UI
#1340 "move storage" issue defect major Future Unknown
#1354 Command ui-interface for deluge-web damoxc feature-request major 2.0.0 Web UI
#1387 Issue #1373 still not fixed in 1.3.1 bug major Unknown
#1399 Use 'move_storage' with non ascii characters. bug major Core
#1461 Can't exit bug major Future Unknown
#1462 Strange artifacts in main window bug major Future Unknown
#1542 Deluge webUI don't save some preferences damoxc bug major Future Web UI
#1546 Deluge man pages defect major Future Unknown
#1547 Installing from sources: it doesn't creates menus entries bug major Future Unknown
#1559 deluge-console bug major 1.3.2 Console UI
#1597 Another SIGSEGV on Fedora 14 x86_64 defect major Future Unknown
#1598 One more SIGSEGV caught by ABRT on Fedora 14 defect major Future Unknown
#1599 Move storage should move just the files, not the directories if something else is in there feature-request major Future Unknown
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