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#1605 web UI causes 100% (very high) CPU usage damoxc bug major performance Web UI
#1789 scheduler does not return to global settings of upload speed (at least) bug major 1.3.2 Plugin
#1843 Path checks before download bug major Unknown
#1847 Deluge uses 100% CPU after click link bug major GTK UI
#1919 deluge 1.3.3 hangs after <5 minutes bug major libtorrent
#1920 Checking Torrent Stops at a Random Percentage on Windows bug major libtorrent
#1942 Many torrents produce a "parameter is incorrect" error during recheck bug major Future Windows OS
#1947 Bug in 1.3.3 always error when downloading bug major 1.3.4 Windows OS
#1955 Not opening torrent files with non-latin symbols bug major GTK UI
#1965 At the start deluge reports all torrents to the trackers as incompleted ones bug major Future Unknown
#2117 Wrong path separator is sent to unix daemon from windows gui defect major Future GTK UI
#2137 Add announce_ip support patch major 2.0.0 Core
#2305 Deluge keeps placing torrent files in my home directory, even when I choose a different directory bug major Future Unknown
#2329 Deluge creates parent directories for output bug major Future Unknown
#2353 Deluge uses random ports when "use random ports" box is unchecked. bug major Future Unknown
#2378 Deluge is not working with Mac osx Mavericks. bug major Future Console UI
#2407 Move completed to doesn't move to correct folder bug major Future Unknown
#2444 Deluge 1.3.6 Crash on Win 7 64bit while in Remote Desktop - Faulting Module libglib-2.0-0.dll bug major Unknown
#2458 Password Protection failing on Application Start (using start in tray mode) bug major 1.3.7 GTK UI
#2459 segfault in libcrypto bug major Plugin
#2488 Deluge 1.3.7 at Windows not support unicode symbols in path when open torrent from explorer bug major 1.3.8 GTK UI
#2529 1.3.7 "Err No. 2. (...) [Torrent file] not found" bug major Unknown
#2540 Need Move Completed path support for Execute scripts feature-request major Future Plugin
#2699 I want rename torrent file on the web o mobile please plugin-request major Future Unknown
#2781 'Open folder' incorrectly opens root folder bug major needs verified Unknown
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