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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#190 Share ratio / upload statistics bug andar bug trivial GTK UI
#193 Uploaded data amount increases when pausing/changin queue order andar bug minor Core
#196 Adding torrent problem, 'No such unique_ID.' andar bug critical Core
#197 latest nightlies are CPU hogs andar bug major Core
#206 SystemTray instance has no attribute 'tray_glade' andar bug minor GTK UI
#207 gtk ui crashes over ssh andar bug major GTK UI
#222 Autoload corrupt torrent error andar bug minor Core
#228 'Move Torrent' results in files moving but not saving new location on restart andar bug minor Core
#229 Date Added column? andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#231 Deselecting a torrent doesn't hide it's info andar bug minor GTK UI
#239 several blocklist problems andar bug major Plugin
#245 "force recheck" ends stuck in "checking" mode andar bug major Core
#246 seed ratio save on shutdown andar bug major Core
#249 Key error and "global name 'log' is not defined" andar bug major Core
#250 Some problem with recheck andar bug major Core
#251 Recursion problem andar bug major Core
#259 add country name hover to peer country flag andar feature-request minor 1.2.0 GTK UI
#270 Autoadd feature fails to load torrent andar bug minor Core
#274 Move Torrent plugin works intermittently andar bug major Plugin
#280 per-torrent setting for "stop seeding when share ratio reaches.." andar feature-request minor Core
#281 Split view for (completed / seeding) and (active / downloading) torrents as in azureus andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#283 resuming a paused seeding torrent fails andar bug major Core
#292 clicking the tray icon fails to restore the main window andar bug minor GTK UI
#293 add torrent broken andar bug blocker Core
#296 Allow setting TOS/QoS parameters. andar feature-request minor Core
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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