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#1974 Core shouldn't have to know about the clients in advance patch minor 2.0.0 Unknown
#1973 Deluge Script does not pass expected arguments to clients. patch minor 2.0.0 Core
#1972 Useless ui.UI class Calum patch minor 2.0.0 Core
#1971 Unify Options Handling Calum patch minor 2.0.0 Core
#1969 "quit and shutdown" menu item available even when not connected to dameon bug minor 1.3.4 GTK UI
#1968 OSError if deluged not installed and attempted start from connection manager Calum bug minor 1.3.4 GTK UI
#1967 IndexError in save(): list index out of range Calum bug major 1.3.4 Core
#1966 Force Re-Check does nothing bug minor Future Unknown
#1964 Unhandled UnpicklingError with corrupt state file bug minor 1.3.4 GTK UI
#1963 OSError in makedirs() when config dir is non-existent Damien Churchill bug minor 1.3.6 Web UI
#1961 Filter for Labels plugin needs 'All' option Damien Churchill bug critical 1.3.4 Web UI
#1960 Web UI statusbar shows total_payload_download for upload Calum bug minor 1.3.4 Web UI
#1959 Allow user selectable GUI language Bro feature-request minor 2.0.0 GTK UI
#1957 Columns don't add resulting in keyerror for non-latin languages Calum bug major 2.x GTK UI
#1956 [Win32] Errors: "The parameter is incorrect" and "Reached the end of file" bug critical 1.3.4 libtorrent
#1954 config -s listen_interface → "invalid literal for float" bug minor 1.3.4 Console UI
#1953 fix console client flicker on every update Calum patch minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#1951 'git master' does not load plugins in Ubuntu bug blocker 2.x Plugin
#1949 Users should be able to set rotate-log settings. feature-request major 2.0.0 Unknown
#1946 ReactorNotRestartable in startRunning() in gtkui bug major 1.3.6 GTK UI
#1945 Mutable default argument in deluge.ui.client.DaemonSSLProxy.__init__ Calum bug trivial 2.x GTK UI
#1944 use errno constants for portability Calum bug minor 1.3.4 Unknown
#1943 Session handling breaks AutoAdd plugin bug critical 2.x Core
#1941 Increase max cache value feature-request trivial 1.3.4 GTK UI
#1940 Renaming folder issues when using Add Torrent dialog in Windows Calum bug critical 1.3.4 Core
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