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#517 "Traffic" tab in WebUi not working mvoncken bug major Web UI
#518 Add Torrent window too high for netbook displays (1024x600) andar bug major 1.2.0 GTK UI
#519 "seed this torrent" in create torrent should automatically select the right download location markybob bug minor GTK UI
#521 Very slow download speeds andar bug major Unknown
#522 Deluge will not start - signalreceiver:77 Trying again with another port: (-2, 'Name or service not known') andar bug major GTK UI
#526 Share ratio is being reseted andar bug trivial Unknown
#528 Deluge does not remember its GUI settings on Gnome andar bug major Unknown
#530 sending bad statistic data andar bug major Unknown
#531 DEBUG logging should not be the default andar bug major Unknown
#535 Gtk GUI does not remember list columns position and size markybob bug minor GTK UI
#536 403 error when trying to download windows 32 version andar bug blocker Unknown
#540 Deluge don't start on international language versions of Windows markybob bug critical Packaging
#543 UPnP fails to establish port mappings in version 1.0.2 andar bug major Core
#545 ratio goes back to zero when restarting daemon andar bug major Core
#546 [patch] Missing </table> in webui login.html mvoncken bug trivial Web UI
#547 Deluge needs a descriptive menu entry, rather than just "Deluge" andar bug major GTK UI
#549 Save sidebar width in gtkui after restart andar bug major GTK UI
#550 Problem with Opera & WebUI when labels are enabled mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#552 wrong path to Gentoo svn folder andar bug trivial Packaging
#553 gentoo svn ebuild doesn't install ajax and white template for webui andar bug major Packaging
#554 SVN r4060: Right-click -> Openfolder breaks Deluge andar bug major GTK UI
#559 webui: validation || wsgi mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#560 changing max connections in status bar crash deluge andar bug major Core
#564 WebUI crash when trying to set refresh frequency mvoncken bug major Web UI
#565 Defunct deluged process after starting up andar bug minor GTK UI
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