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#568 Certian characters in torrent filename cuases Deluge to NOT display torrent names and status for all torrents. andar bug minor GTK UI
#569 "Automatically connect to selected host" doesn't work andar bug major Unknown
#570 gtkui fails to load due to non-ASCII character ∞ andar bug major GTK UI
#571 .deb dependency: uninstalls notification-daemon-xfce; installs notification-daemon markybob bug minor Packaging
#577 Drag and drop not working. andar bug major GTK UI
#579 Download location is set for all torrents instead of one torrent. andar bug major Unknown
#583 meta-bug: drivespace errors. andar bug major Unknown
#584 meta bug: external disk andar bug major Unknown
#585 meta : better error handling and messages andar bug major 1.2.0 Unknown
#588 deluged memory leak andar bug major Unknown
#590 daemon stop/start/restart from webui. mvoncken bug major Web UI
#592 Deluge memory leak andar bug major Unknown
#594 hang on password window markybob bug major 1.2.0 Windows OS
#598 deluged does not stop or kill andar bug major Core
#602 Incorrect sorting in files tab andar bug trivial GTK UI
#605 Rename completed download then restarting daemon causes torrent to download again andar bug major Core
#609 pause or start in webUI brakes Deluge mvoncken bug major Web UI
#610 UPNP failing with Netgear WPN824v2 andar bug major Core
#614 deluged segfaults when starting as of rev 4244 andar bug major Core
#619 ETA: infinity is incorrect andar bug trivial Unknown
#630 Blocklist Importer stuck andar bug critical Plugin
#632 Doesn't load torrents with some special characters in path name andar bug major Unknown
#633 Deluge freezes and all torrents disappear andar bug major 1.3 Core
#639 Torrent checking gets "stuck" andar bug major Unknown
#640 A LOT of strings in deluge 1.x is not translateable andar bug critical 1.3 Unknown
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