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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1176 Filter not work Damien Churchill defect major 1.3 Web UI
#1323 filter panels not scrollable Damien Churchill bug minor 1.3.2 Web UI
#2707 FilterPanel TypeError: r is undefined bug minor 2.0.0 Web UI
#586 Finalize stats plugin ianmartin feature-request major Future Plugin
#741 Fix Blocklist Web UI John Garland bug major 1.2.0 Plugin
#1953 fix console client flicker on every update Calum patch minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#215 Fix ETA sort order Damien Churchill bug minor 1.2.0 Web UI
#1507 Fix for temporary file race condition in Deluge 1.3.x's core/ Calum patch minor 1.3.2 Core
#3604 Fix log level tweaks from logging.conf bug minor 2.1.2 Core
#2977 Fix Stats Plugin Errors bug major 2.0.0 Plugin
#2231 Fix unneeded scrollbars in webui add dialog Calum bug minor 1.3.6 Web UI
#394 Folder Priority andar bug minor GTK UI
#655 Folders behaving oddly when adding multiple torrents andar bug major Unknown
#117 Folders view in file selection dialog markybob feature-request major GTK UI
#1966 Force Re-Check does nothing bug minor Future Unknown
#56 Force Recheck doesn't work markybob bug blocker 0.5.x
#245 "force recheck" ends stuck in "checking" mode andar bug major Core
#855 Force recheck when torrent paused mislabeled andar bug minor Unknown
#191 Forcing check on checking torrent removes it from list. markybob bug major 0.5.x
#1299 Forum/phpBB registrations broken bug major Unknown
#1927 Forums registration dont work... bug minor Future Unknown
#2240 Free disk space indicator is wrong with large capacity drives bug minor 1.3.6 Windows OS
#1205 Freespace Icon for GTK statusbar a la WebUI feature-request trivial 1.3 GTK UI
#1936 free variable 'host' referenced before assignment in enclosing scope Damien Churchill bug trivial 1.3.4 Web UI
#697 from ktorrent to deluge andar feature-request minor Core
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