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#293 add torrent broken andar bug blocker Core
#296 Allow setting TOS/QoS parameters. andar feature-request minor Core
#313 Port forwarding not working on 0.6.0svn andar bug major Core
#319 Nightly: Reenabling files from multi-file torrent breaks connection andar bug major Core
#335 can not connect to ipv6 only tracker andar feature-request major 1.2.0 Core
#342 Drag n drop functionality andar feature-request minor Core
#350 "Stop seeding when share ration reaches X" is ignored andar bug major Core
#352 set_torrent_options method in core andar feature-request major Core
#353 core should check parameter types andar bug major Core
#355 ok button in preferences doesn't close the dialog andar bug major Core
#359 Save/load dht state between sessions andar bug major Core
#362 Use libtorrents session pause/resume instead of the current pause_all,resume_all andar bug major Core
#363 Daemon listen interface preference andar feature-request major Core
#368 Add by Hash (trackerless torrents) andar feature-request major Core
#372 Proxy configuration andar feature-request major Core
#373 Support for adding webseeds andar feature-request major 1.3 Core
#377 True classic mode, no separate daemon process andar bug major 1.2.0 Core
#381 Bug in Archlinux PKGBUILD / andar bug major Core
#387 torrent checking not working andar bug major Core
#389 queue order is randomized on restart andar bug major Core
#412 wrong state of 'Seedings' after restart andar bug major Core
#414 use async write_resume_data method andar bug major Core
#417 UPnP not working in 0.9.xx on my machine.. andar bug major Core
#427 Specifiing a new config dir leads to permission denied error markybob bug critical Core
#428 Ability to rename files within a torrent (including directories) andar feature-request minor Future Core
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