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#1907 deluged sometimes not saving torrent state on exit bug major 1.3.4 Core
#1016 deluged settings appear to revert to defaults randomly andar bug minor Core
#844 deluged segmentation fault andar bug major Core
#2272 deluged segfaults within few minutes after start bug major not applicable libtorrent
#614 deluged segfaults when starting as of rev 4244 andar bug major Core
#540 Deluge don't start on international language versions of Windows markybob bug critical Packaging
#870 Deluge doesn't use configuration directory when loading ssl certificates mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#2260 Deluge doesn't stay in the same workspace when magnet link is clicked in browser bug minor 1.3.6 GTK UI
#1157 Deluge doesn't show the speed in the title. damoxc defect minor 1.2.0 Web UI
#918 deluge doesn't save preferences andar bug blocker GTK UI
#3020 Deluge Doesn't Save Default Download Directory bug major Future Unknown
#867 Deluge doesn't create peers_tab.conf and files_tab.conf andar bug major Unknown
#966 Deluge doesn't create or rewrite some config files andar bug major Core
#138 Deluge does not start if the folder where downloaded files should be saved not exists markybob bug minor 0.5.x
#780 Deluge does not remember the Horizontal separator position after restarting andar bug minor GTK UI
#528 Deluge does not remember its GUI settings on Gnome andar bug major Unknown
#1263 Deluge does not remember column width bug minor 1.3.3 GTK UI
#1084 Deluge does not handle magnet links andar feature-request critical Unknown
#1210 Deluge does not correctly save the sort column and order in the files tab bug minor 1.3 GTK UI
#2709 Deluged: object has no attribute '_tlsConnection' bug major not applicable Core
#588 deluged memory leak andar bug major Unknown
#2204 deluged hangs on shutdown with large number of torrents started bro bug minor 1.3.6 Core
#2223 Deluged - exceptions.AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'url' bug minor 1.3.6 Core
#2431 deluged doesn't shutdown cleanly with hundreds of torrents bug major 2.x Unknown
#598 deluged does not stop or kill andar bug major Core
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