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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#311 Show tooltips in the statusbar andar bug minor GTK UI
#313 Port forwarding not working on 0.6.0svn andar bug major Core
#317 Update the torrentview when torrent status changes andar bug minor GTK UI
#318 Minor cleanups andar bug major GTK UI
#319 Nightly: Reenabling files from multi-file torrent breaks connection andar bug major Core
#327 share ratio has wrong value markybob bug minor 0.5.x
#336 WebUI Crashes when enabling "Set private flag by default" mvoncken bug major Web UI
#337 WebUI crashes when enabling "Queue completed torrents to bottom" mvoncken bug major Web UI
#338 "Classic mode" breaks client if server is not installed andar bug major GTK UI
#350 "Stop seeding when share ration reaches X" is ignored andar bug major Core
#351 "Open Folder" in queued torrents context menu doesn't work andar bug major GTK UI
#357 Add "Seeding: Prioritize Torrents With >0 Peers" queue auto-prioritization markybob feature-request major 0.5.x
#358 remove torrent when share ratio reached locks gtkui andar bug major GTK UI
#360 Port Scheduler plugin andar plugin-request major Plugin
#363 Daemon listen interface preference andar feature-request major Core
#381 Bug in Archlinux PKGBUILD / andar bug major Core
#385 Report Torrent Size andar bug trivial GTK UI
#388 Add an option to inhibit the computer auto-suspending andar plugin-request major Plugin
#389 queue order is randomized on restart andar bug major Core
#418 Archlinux pkgbuild issue sadrul bug minor null
#424 Non-ASCII characters markybob bug major 0.5.x
#425 Deluge RC5 and XP SP3 markybob bug major Windows OS
#430 invalid bencoding of tracker response andar bug critical Core
#433 Deluge RCs do not start on Windows XP x64 markybob bug critical Windows OS
#438 randomly, malloc(): memory corruption markybob bug major 0.5.x
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