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#817 EMail Notification fails to substitute format strings andar bug major Unknown
#823 deluge -u console -a "config --set [attribute] -1.0" fails andar bug minor Unknown
#824 deluge-1.1.3 can't check data andar bug major Unknown
#825 No Windows Version andar feature-request major Unknown
#832 Patch for updated deluge/scripts/ andar plugin-request minor Unknown
#833 uPnP doesn't work with DLink router andar bug major Unknown
#835 Add torrents Stopped/Paused andar bug minor Unknown
#837 Global "share prefs" not applied to "torrent prefs" andar bug minor Unknown
#839 After renaming download directory, it cannot be moved. andar bug major Unknown
#841 Maximum Upload Slots tooltip is incorrect andar bug trivial Unknown
#845 localhost and andar bug major Unknown
#854 Won't check 2 or more torrent andar bug major Unknown
#855 Force recheck when torrent paused mislabeled andar bug minor Unknown
#867 Deluge doesn't create peers_tab.conf and files_tab.conf andar bug major Unknown
#872 Client disconnects from daemon because daemon stops andar bug minor Unknown
#888 Deluge will not load torrents with Japanese filenames andar bug major Unknown
#893 misplaced ) andar bug major Unknown
#894 Fails to create torrents including files with german umlauts andar bug major 1.3 Unknown
#899 using ~ in console is used literally not as home folder andar bug minor Unknown
#902 Can not remove torrents in svn r5146 andar bug major Unknown
#904 Bandwith setting window "other" does not appear andar bug minor Unknown
#913 "pause all" does not work andar bug minor Unknown
#919 WebUI links have unwanted spaces andar bug minor Unknown
#927 [PATCH] Add support for boost 1.37 andar bug minor Unknown
#934 encoding of torrent andar bug major Unknown
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