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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1098 does not properly enclose method comments defect major 1.3 Plugin
#3370 Create discord channel feature-request minor 2.1.0 Unknown
#1094 Create and label keyboard shortcuts for GTK UI Ghent feature-request minor 1.3.2 GTK UI
#2073 Crash when creating torrent in Ubuntu Cas bug minor GTK UI
#806 Crash when adding torrent with non-UTF8 characters andar bug major GTK UI
#3219 Crash setting peers tabs tooltip bug minor 2.0.3 GTK UI
#1822 Crash on Settings dialog s0undt3ch bug minor Future GTK UI
#171 crash-message and failure after enabling blocklist plugin markybob bug major 0.5.x
#2265 Crash in bug minor not applicable libtorrent
#1928 Crash if column header is dragged under fluxbox WM Cas bug minor 1.3.4 Core
#48 crashed on debian markybob bug major 0.5.x
#2942 crash connecting while checking bug critical 1.3.14 Unknown
#1846 Crash caught by ABRT bug minor Future Unknown
#3334 Corruption of settings Cas bug critical 2.0.4 Core
#2097 Corrected spelling error and added --intense_match to console(legacy and non-interactive) patch minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#1974 Core shouldn't have to know about the clients in advance patch minor 2.0.0 Unknown
#353 core should check parameter types andar bug major Core
#1221 'Core' object has no attribute '_timer' bug major 1.3 Core
#3053 Copy non-minified js to build if slimit missing DjLegolas bug trivial 2.0.0 Packaging
#3489 copy magnet link feature-request minor 2.1.0 GTK UI
#186 Copy information from Deluge UI andar feature-request minor 1.2.0 Core
#3002 Convert Deluge Plugins to GtkBuilder DjLegolas feature-request trivial 2.0.0 Plugin
#3521 Content-type's charset should be accepted and probably ignored for jsonrpc communication bug minor 2.1.0 Web UI
#1228 Console - Unhandled error in Deferred bug trivial 1.3 Console UI
#3491 Console UI should not depend on core modules bug major 2.0.6 Console UI
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