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#1554 Stop Seeding on Share Ratio Fails for Partially Selected Torrents bug minor 1.3.4 Core
#350 "Stop seeding when share ration reaches X" is ignored andar bug major Core
#638 "Stored in..." Column andar feature-request major 1.3 Unknown
#628 Store .Torrent with downloaded files andar feature-request major Future Unknown
#1903 Super Seeding Cas feature-request trivial 2.0.0 Core
#373 Support for adding webseeds andar feature-request major 1.3 Core
#2920 Support lt 1.1 new settings/methods feature-request major 2.0.0 Core
#3271 Support pygeoip for ip lookups bug minor 2.0.6 Core
#554 SVN r4060: Right-click -> Openfolder breaks Deluge andar bug major GTK UI
#656 SVN version does not add torrents to the list andar bug major 1.2.0 Core
#2999 Swedish translation updated patch minor 1.3.15 Translations
#152 Sync language files by mistake? *.po -> deluge-*.po markybob bug minor 0.5.x
#3514 syslog spam: builtins.KeyError: 'disk.num_blocks_cache_hits' bug minor 2.0.4 Unknown
#2175 systemtray free variable 'self' referenced before assignment in enclosing scope bug minor 1.3.6 GTK UI
#206 SystemTray instance has no attribute 'tray_glade' andar bug minor GTK UI
#782 system tray password asked when gtkui window is open but not topmost window. andar bug minor GTK UI
#130 systemtray's "Resume All" fails andar bug minor GTK UI
#1833 tab completion should escape spaces feature-request minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#2146 Tab names in View:Tabs dropdown need translated bug minor 1.3.6 Translations
#349 tabs out of order andar bug major GTK UI
#96 tags andar bug trivial Plugin
#26 Test active port fails andar bug minor GTK UI
#2065 Tested - [Console] Crash upon forgetting closing quote Cas bug trivial 1.3.6 Console UI
#2789 Test for google tracker icon redirect is failing bug minor 2.0.0 Core
#500 The labels sidebar *needs* a scrollbar. andar bug major Unknown
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