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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#514 white template : highlighting is broken. mvoncken bug major Web UI
#513 files in torrents added by Auto Add are marked as "Do Not Download" andar bug minor GTK UI
#512 In Windows XP Deluge not start markybob bug major Windows OS
#507 label plugin mvoncken plugin-request major 2.x Web UI
#506 Can't add torrents andar bug major Unknown
#503 Changes to to workaround broken boost packages markybob bug minor Packaging
#502 association in vista doesnt work markybob bug major Packaging
#500 The labels sidebar *needs* a scrollbar. andar bug major Unknown
#499 Do not use os.fork() on OS X andar bug major Unknown
#498 Label pluging andar bug major Unknown
#497 webui plugin api : templates and images using pkg_resources mvoncken bug major Web UI
#496 Remove methods made obsolete by get_session_status mvoncken feature-request major 1.3 Core
#495 remove methods made obsolete by set_torrent_options Cas feature-request minor 2.0.0 Core
#494 locale it_IT.UTF-8 add icon missing andar bug trivial GTK UI
#489 webui ssl mvoncken feature-request major 1.2.0 Web UI
#488 webui : rename unregister to deregister mvoncken feature-request major Unknown
#486 webui: persistent sessions mvoncken feature-request major Web UI
#485 Torrent counts andar feature-request major Unknown
#483 Fault : <Fault 1: "<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>:export_add_torrent_url() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)"> mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#480 upnp updates on port change - does not add udp or release previous ports RC9 andar bug minor Unknown
#478 deluge "--help" should display the possible values for "ui" option andar feature-request trivial Core
#477 (1.0.0._rc9) freeze after start andar bug major Unknown
#475 1.0.5, crash on init, unicode folder name andar bug major Core
#473 global and per-label totals andar feature-request major GTK UI
#472 In all other versions, it showed the % of the peers/leechers completion, now there is nothing andar feature-request minor Unknown
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