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#469 Randomly won't (re)check torrents. andar bug minor Core
#468 Unicode in 0.9.8 does not seem to be working properly andar bug major Core
#464 not working on XP markybob bug minor Windows OS
#463 Peer control markybob feature-request major GTK UI
#462 Can't browse the web when deluge is active markybob bug major Core
#460 File checking after restart andar bug major Core
#459 Option to prioritize "seeding" queue over download queue Cas feature-request major 2.0.0 Core
#457 Progress bar for folders too andar feature-request trivial 1.3 Web UI
#456 torrent list emptys by itself, restarting deluge fixes the problem but only for a few minutes andar bug blocker Core
#455 deluged crashes on force re-check of compleated torrent andar bug major Core
#453 Exclusively textless buttons are a mistake andar bug minor GTK UI
#452 arch pkgbuild fix sadrul bug trivial null
#451 Add vertical scroll bar to sidebar in GTK UI andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#450 padding files andar bug major Core
#449 1.0.0_RC7 segfaults with corrupted torrents markybob bug critical Core
#448 Deluge 1.0 is slow and causes networking problems for other programs andar bug major Core
#447 Unify features and code used in the file listings in the files tab and the add torrent tialog andar feature-request major Future GTK UI
#446 "Delete at ratio" and the ratio spinner are not grayed out when "stop at ratio" is unchecked in the options tab andar bug major GTK UI
#444 Deluge 0.6 SVN performances sluggish andar bug major Core
#442 Zombie process (Ubuntu 8.04) andar bug minor Core
#440 deluge 0.9.05 is missing a dependency on python-setuptools markybob bug major Core
#438 randomly, malloc(): memory corruption markybob bug major 0.5.x
#437 Nothing happends when download directory has cyrilic characters markybob bug major Core
#436 Incorrect handling of torrents with some files marked don't download andar bug major Core
#433 Deluge RCs do not start on Windows XP x64 markybob bug critical Windows OS
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