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#2777 Update NSIS MSVC redist checker bug minor 1.3.13 Packaging
#2782 HTTPS negotiates with incorrect cipher bug minor 1.3.13 Web UI
#2783 Case insensitive sorting for column Name bug trivial 1.3.13 GTK UI
#2784 [Execute] Escape call parameters for Windows bug minor 1.3.14 Plugin
#2785 Extractor not extracting bug minor 1.3.13 Plugin
#2789 Test for google tracker icon redirect is failing bug minor 2.0.0 Core
#2796 Add "date_added" to console info sort keys feature-request minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#2797 Pylint Console UI code bug trivial 2.0.0 Console UI
#2798 web ui bug minor 2.0.0 Web UI
#2800 TypeError: cannot marshal <class 'trac.util.text.Empty'> objects bug minor needs verified Unknown
#2801 [Plugin][AutoAdd] Error adding torrents bug major 2.0.0 Plugin
#2805 Standalone mode not detecting local running daemon bug blocker 2.0.0 GTK UI
#2807 WebUI broken under install bug major 2.0.0 Web UI
#2808 Deluge Log File Not Working as Intended bug minor 2.0.0 Core
#2813 Connection Manager Showing Daemon Offline On First Start bug major 2.0.0 GTK UI
#2819 Handle second instance of WebUI nicely bug trivial 2.0.0 Web UI
#2821 [GtkUI] AttributeError starting GtkUI on windows bug major 2.0.0 GTK UI
#2827 Deluge Wont Start Windows bug blocker 2.0.0 GTK UI
#2828 Missing imports after packaging bug trivial 2.0.0 Packaging
#2829 Scheduler plugin cannot be disabled bug major 1.3.13 Plugin
#2847 Add a 'move to' option to add command feature-request minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#2850 Double log entries in Standalone Mode bug critical 2.0.0 Unknown
#2852 Set lt version upper limit to 1.0 bug major 1.3.13 Core
#2855 Unable to add udp trackers in WebUI bug major 1.3.13 Web UI
#2857 [Notification] Unable to set email port in GTKUI bug major 1.3.13 Plugin
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