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#1064 spins CPU due to incorrect polling andar bug major GTK UI
#1067 Select 'Other' in speed selection dropdown in gtkui causes error andar bug minor Unknown
#1071 Deluge won't start - crashes andar bug blocker Unknown
#1073 Adding a new torrent starts a new process andar bug major Unknown
#1074 [PATCH] Hex encoded magent uris can't be added from gtkui andar bug major Unknown
#1075 Changing priority on a whole folder doesn't work Damien Churchill bug major Web UI
#1077 Web UI does not allow setting stop_at_ratio (for individual torrents) Damien Churchill bug major Web UI
#1083 WEBUI: "Remote Torrent" "Remove With Data" has dangerous inconsistent order compared with GTKUI andar bug major Unknown
#1084 Deluge does not handle magnet links andar feature-request critical Unknown
#1085 label plugin errors andar bug major Plugin
#1090 Cannot change Allocation type in Web interface preferences Damien Churchill bug minor Web UI
#1096 Deluge stops checking a file when file checking used on multiple files. andar bug blocker Unknown
#1139 failure with new version libtorrent-rasterbar 0.15 defect major Core
#1141 webui: please reorder the display when changing queue positions Damien Churchill defect minor Web UI
#1143 [PATCH] deluge-console crashs when autocompleting non-existing dir bug minor Console UI
#1147 Cannot upload a torrent in a multi-user system via the web interface Damien Churchill bug critical Web UI
#1148 Executor plugin error bug major Plugin
#1156 import sys missing in bug major Core
#1170 Web in Connection Manager "add host" broken Damien Churchill defect critical Web UI
#1172 Startup notification isn't handled correctly if another instance is already running. defect major GTK UI
#1181 Quick menu - change speed Damien Churchill defect major Web UI
#1207 Not work webui Damien Churchill defect major Web UI
#1213 Torrents don't retry tracker after tracker error with lt 0.15.0 bug major libtorrent
#1299 Forum/phpBB registrations broken bug major Unknown
#1352 WebUI becomes unresponsive with large number of torrents Damien Churchill defect major Web UI
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