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#3492 [Plugin] Add frequency unit to configuration label in blocklist patch minor 2.1.0 Plugin
#3502 Deluge won't start when loging windows protected folder bug minor 2.0.6 Core
#3520 [Solved] Country flags are missing when using libtorrent from RC_1_2 branch. bug minor not applicable libtorrent
#3521 Content-type's charset should be accepted and probably ignored for jsonrpc communication bug minor 2.1.0 Web UI
#3530 Trackers are not added through magnets. bug minor 2.1.1 Core
#10 Dialog for choosing torrent files not that intuitive andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#96 tags andar bug trivial Plugin
#98 append file extension to partially downloaded files markybob feature-request trivial 0.5.x
#147 Wrong unit used mvoncken bug trivial Web UI
#190 Share ratio / upload statistics bug andar bug trivial GTK UI
#229 Date Added column? andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#265 Add new column "Remaining" Cas feature-request trivial 2.0.0 GTK UI
#285 Trac dead link sadrul bug trivial null
#286 Ubuntu Icon on 5.9.2 markybob bug trivial 0.5.x
#290 Deluge won't show menu icon in gnome. 64bit.deb markybob bug trivial 0.5.x
#343 Display Blocklist status in the WebUi as in the gtkui. mvoncken feature-request trivial Web UI
#385 Report Torrent Size andar bug trivial GTK UI
#429 needs encoding markybob bug trivial GTK UI
#431 KiB, MiB and GiB are counted as powers of 1000 instead of 1024. markybob bug trivial GTK UI
#452 arch pkgbuild fix sadrul bug trivial null
#457 Progress bar for folders too andar feature-request trivial 1.3 Web UI
#478 deluge "--help" should display the possible values for "ui" option andar feature-request trivial Core
#494 locale it_IT.UTF-8 add icon missing andar bug trivial GTK UI
#526 Share ratio is being reseted andar bug trivial Unknown
#546 [patch] Missing </table> in webui login.html mvoncken bug trivial Web UI
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