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#3212 UnicodeDecodeError in common.get_default_download_dir Calum bug major 2.0.0 Core
#2007 UnicodeDecodeError when logging to file Calum bug minor 2.x Core
#1917 UnicodeDecodeError with long torrent names bug major 2.x Console (new ncurses)
#1029 UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec ... in console ui andar bug major 1.2.0 Unknown
#1934 Unicode Error in 'Add Torrent' Dialog Calum bug minor 1.3.4 GTK UI
#468 Unicode in 0.9.8 does not seem to be working properly andar bug major Core
#447 Unify features and code used in the file listings in the files tab and the add torrent tialog andar feature-request major Future GTK UI
#1971 Unify Options Handling Calum patch minor 2.0.0 Core
#1535 Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appears when only vertical should bug minor 1.3.2 GTK UI
#1882 Untranslated strings Calum bug minor 1.3.3 Translations
#258 Unwanted Rechecking torrents at start of the deluge markybob bug major 0.5.x
#2994 Update deluge-web man page bug minor 2.0.0 Packaging
#3066 update DHT bootstrap nodes feature-request minor Future Core
#2890 Update Info.plist of latest version bug minor 1.3.14 Packaging
#961 Update libtorrent for CVE-2009-1760 andar bug major Unknown
#881 update() method of core plugins isn't called andar bug major Core
#2777 Update NSIS MSVC redist checker bug minor 1.3.13 Packaging
#2720 Update the copyright year on the project front page bug major not applicable Unknown
#317 Update the torrentview when torrent status changes andar bug minor GTK UI
#1901 Update tracker (force reannounce) doesn't work with some trackers bug minor not applicable libtorrent
#193 Uploaded data amount increases when pausing/changin queue order andar bug minor Core
#1262 Uploading plugin with webui fail, faulty named filename on server Damien Churchill defect major 1.3 Web UI
#67 upnp doesn't work markybob bug minor 0.5.x
#905 UPnP doesn't work. Port does not open. andar bug critical 1.2.0 Core
#833 uPnP doesn't work with DLink router andar bug major Unknown
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