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#3066 update DHT bootstrap nodes feature-request minor Future Core
#3130 Use another icon name for tray feature-request minor Future GTK UI
#3148 [WebUI] Get connect user's auth level and name feature-request minor 2.1.0 Web UI
#3169 deluge ppa feature-request minor 2.0.0 Unknown
#3171 Deluge/Libtorrent Bind Interface Doadin feature-request trivial 2.0.0 libtorrent
#3189 Refactor HTTPDownloader to Agent DjLegolas feature-request minor 2.0.0 Core
#3201 Create Windows package (Py3-GTK3) feature-request major 2.1.0 Packaging
#3221 An option to specify move_competed folder with add command feature-request minor Future Console UI
#3247 Replace deprecated platform.linux_distribution() function DjLegolas feature-request minor 2.0.0 Core
#3318 Add keyboard shortcut to File → Quit menu item feature-request minor 2.0.4 GTK UI
#3370 Create discord channel feature-request minor 2.1.0 Unknown
#3441 Torrent Info : Horizontal View (patch) feature-request minor 2.0.4 GTK UI
#3488 Some requests: Donation, Flathub download feature-request minor needs verified Unknown
#3489 copy magnet link feature-request minor 2.1.0 GTK UI
#217 Additions to blocklist plugin markybob plugin-request major 0.5.x
#320 NEW PLUGIN: Set torrent marked andar plugin-request minor Plugin
#360 Port Scheduler plugin andar plugin-request major Plugin
#388 Add an option to inhibit the computer auto-suspending andar plugin-request major Plugin
#432 Move Notification to a plugin. s0undt3ch plugin-request major 1.3 Plugin
#507 label plugin mvoncken plugin-request major 2.x Web UI
#587 onComplete plugin andar plugin-request major 1.2.0 Unknown
#700 Speed chart andar plugin-request major Future Unknown
#832 Patch for updated deluge/scripts/ andar plugin-request minor Unknown
#2076 [Extractor] Support for extracting rar on Windows plugin-request major 1.3.6 Plugin
#2746 Transfer Limit plugin request plugin-request minor Future Unknown
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