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#3105 Deluge Web-UI not accepting BASE input bug minor 2.1.2 Web UI
#3112 Setting peer TOS from deluge console is different from setting Peer TOS from WebUI bug minor Future Console UI
#3121 V2 beta Peer ID blocked bug critical 2.0.0 Core
#3122 [Notifications]No text in Preferences' tab list DjLegolas bug critical 2.0.0 Plugin
#3124 deluge-gtk crash when connected to remote server Cas bug major Future GTK UI
#3126 YaRSS fails to add torrents bug minor 2.1.0 Core
#3127 Blocklist doesn't load block file bug minor 2.0.0 Plugin
#3129 Namespace has no attribute (deluge-console) bug major 2.0.0 Console UI
#3167 does not clean up /tmp entries from failed hosts bug minor 2.1.0 GTK UI
#3183 Closing Daemon causes core.conf to revert to default settings Cas bug critical 2.0.0 Core
#3185 Console-ui deferred error. bug minor 2.0.0 Console UI
#3197 SSL error bug blocker not applicable Core
#3199 unicode crash in deluge-console Cas bug major 2.0.0 Console UI
#3202 Website download link error bug blocker not applicable Unknown
#3203 Start Minimized + Interface Password = Perm Lockout bug critical needs verified Core
#3204 No torrent info Cas bug blocker 2.0.0 Core
#3205 Prune oldest state archive bug minor 2.0.0 Core
#3208 Ubuntu Deluge Python 3 fails to start bug major 2.0.0 Unknown
#3209 Unable to iconify- crash bug blocker 2.0.0 GTK UI
#3211 missing systray icon Cas bug minor 2.0.0 Unknown
#3212 UnicodeDecodeError in common.get_default_download_dir Cas bug major 2.0.0 Core
#3214 Deluge not loading bug blocker needs verified Unknown
#3219 Crash setting peers tabs tooltip bug minor 2.0.3 GTK UI
#3244 Use gzip content encoding only if supported by client bug minor 2.x Web UI
#3248 No input accepted in CLI mode with py3 install. bug critical 2.0.0 Console UI
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