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#113 WebUI + Firefox with HTTP pipelining + auto refresh = broken images mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#681 Webui freezes when accessed from iPod. mvoncken bug major Web UI
#3148 [WebUI] Get connect user's auth level and name feature-request minor 2.1.0 Web UI
#2837 WebUI gettext created in at build time DjLegolas feature-request minor 2.x Web UI
#3261 web ui 'idna' codec failed bug minor 2.0.3 Web UI
#143 web ui in latest nightly crashes mvoncken bug major Web UI
#1324 webui interface Cas feature-request minor 1.3.4 Web UI
#2875 WebUI Json dumps Error bug minor 1.3.14 Web UI
#919 WebUI links have unwanted spaces andar bug minor Unknown
#1026 WebUI locks up/gets incredibly slow when there are many torrents damoxc bug critical 1.3 Web UI
#2009 WebUI needs About box with version info DjLegolas feature-request trivial 2.x Web UI
#104 web ui no longer works in latest nightly mvoncken bug major Web UI
#2261 WebUI not saving sockv5 auth settings damoxc bug major 1.3.6 Web UI
#1284 WebUI on Windows plugin error damoxc bug minor 1.3 Web UI
#2450 Web-UI - Peers tab is always blank bug minor 2.x Web UI
#1054 Web ui peers tab only shows a small fraction of the connected and active peers damoxc bug major 1.3 Web UI
#486 webui: persistent sessions mvoncken feature-request major Web UI
#1141 webui: please reorder the display when changing queue positions damoxc defect minor Web UI
#497 webui plugin api : templates and images using pkg_resources mvoncken bug major Web UI
#2841 Webui prefs plugin install button broken DjLegolas bug major 2.0.0 Web UI
#1083 WEBUI: "Remote Torrent" "Remove With Data" has dangerous inconsistent order compared with GTKUI andar bug major Unknown
#488 webui : rename unregister to deregister mvoncken feature-request major Unknown
#691 WebUI - Resume/Pause buttons don't work if previously "Pause All" via hard client mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#2677 webui returns 404 error when used with --base bug major 2.0.0 Web UI
#3260 web ui reverse proxy crash bug minor 2.0.3 Web UI
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