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#553 gentoo svn ebuild doesn't install ajax and white template for webui andar bug major Packaging
#554 SVN r4060: Right-click -> Openfolder breaks Deluge andar bug major GTK UI
#560 changing max connections in status bar crash deluge andar bug major Core
#565 Defunct deluged process after starting up andar bug minor GTK UI
#570 gtkui fails to load due to non-ASCII character ∞ andar bug major GTK UI
#577 Drag and drop not working. andar bug major GTK UI
#589 rename "deluge -u null2" to something more meaningfull. sadrul feature-request blocker null
#610 UPNP failing with Netgear WPN824v2 andar bug major Core
#619 ETA: infinity is incorrect andar bug trivial Unknown
#634 Merge the FAQs... markybob feature-request trivial Web UI
#635 Autofocus to password input in webui... mvoncken feature-request trivial Web UI
#652 Expanded UI help information... andar feature-request trivial Core
#673 no blocklist pref is saved andar defect major GTK UI
#675 Auto add torrents broken andar bug major Core
#684 Can't sort by Name in the AJAX UI damoxc bug major ajaxui
#704 No torrent shown: TypeError on inet_aton() andar bug major Core
#743 Using 'debug' for loglevel does not redirect to file andar bug minor Core
#753 Torrents from do not load andar bug major Unknown
#764 Go to Website button andar bug minor Unknown
#790 Incorrect tracker names in 'Tracker' column for 3rd-level domain names andar bug minor Unknown
#815 Checking Queue still stuck. andar bug minor Core
#831 Deluge broken by new python packages in Jaunty andar bug blocker Core
#1109 watch dir with special characters bug major Core
#1349 deluge-gtk side panel drawn incorrectly when using specific GTK+ themes bug trivial GTK UI
#1362 Major Memory Leak bug critical libtorrent
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