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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#7 Link to home page in About window doesn't work bug trivial
#12 ratio forgotten bug major
#18 Deluge webui-client quits, server doing the lemming thing... bug major
#740 Window not redrawn after maximize from system tray markybob bug major Windows OS
#788 Window size and position not remembered markybob bug critical Windows OS
#89 Crash the webui mvoncken bug critical Web UI
#144 Crash WebUI after login mvoncken bug major Web UI
#223 DBusException at /index mvoncken bug critical Web UI
#256 Torrent files produce error when uploaded through WebUI interface mvoncken bug critical Web UI
#454 Trackers label in web interface doesn't work in Firefox3 mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#482 IndexError : list index out of range mvoncken bug minor Web UI
#1986 Deluge does not remember column width damoxc feature-request minor Web UI
#2017 WebUI gets into an endless Login loop damoxc bug minor 1.3.4 Web UI
#2058 Mistake of showing peers,seeds in "( )" damoxc bug major Web UI
#2288 Cannot add this type of torrent damoxc bug minor Web UI
#2309 Trailing slash in torrent download path errors out torrent Cas bug minor 1.3.7 Web UI
#2319 Leak in webui damoxc bug major not applicable Web UI
#2348 webui js crashes in opera damoxc bug critical not applicable Web UI
#2825 Deluge Web UI Issues bug minor needs verified Web UI
#2865 WebUI CPU usage goes to 100% on one core of the processor after a few days with Deluge 1.3.13 - Arch Linux bug minor needs verified Web UI
#471 Deluge exits GUI when selecting torrent in the list andar bug major Unknown
#511 warn when trying to reactivate an automatically paused seed andar bug minor Unknown
#537 pb on screen preference andar bug blocker Unknown
#580 Not all torrents added when adding torrents. andar bug major Unknown
#618 Share Ratio only keeps track of current session andar bug major Unknown
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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