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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1401 Tracker sidebar list not reflecting tracker change bug trivial GTK UI
#1072 Traceback on deluge 1.2.0_rc3 start andar bug major GTK UI
#1465 "Total active downloading" setting doesn't work bug minor 1.3.2 Core
#2465 Torrentview showing download rate of another torrent on a paused torrent bug minor 2.x GTK UI
#1292 Torrents with non-ascii (0x80-0xFF) character hidden in gtkui bug minor Future GTK UI
#126 Torrents become invisible markybob bug major 0.5.x
#3005 torrent not showing bug minor needs verified Unknown
#1023 torrent files renamed when "copy of .torrent to:" is enabled andar bug minor 1.2.0 Core
#256 Torrent files produce error when uploaded through WebUI interface mvoncken bug critical Web UI
#347 Torrent autoload ticks overlap markybob bug major 0.5.x
#178 Stuck on port 40000 when changing back to port 48080 markybob bug major 0.5.x
#2291 Stop seed at ratio not respected with GUI closed bug minor 2.0.0 Core
#2771 Status Tab KeyError in terminal on shutdown bug trivial needs verified GTK UI
#3107 Some torrents can't be renamed bug minor needs verified Unknown
#1270 Sometimes gtkUI doesn't show correctly the torrent list for a category bug major Future GTK UI
#2453 Sometimes crashes after torrent file updates through updattor plugin bug critical not applicable GTK UI
#345 slow torrent list markybob bug major 0.5.x
#383 sidebar icons disapear whe Label plugins is enabled mvoncken bug minor Plugin
#968 Sidebar active tab not workin andar bug major GTK UI
#618 Share Ratio only keeps track of current session andar bug major Unknown
#1853 settings lost on restart-deluge 1.3.1 on ubuntu 9.10 bug minor Future Unknown
#8 setting priority of multiple files misbehaves markybob bug minor 0.5.x
#508 Selecting "Other..." as download directory doesnt work andar bug major GTK UI
#901 Segmentation fault on startup in svn r5146 andar bug major Unknown
#2138 Saving a picture using Snipping Tool for Windows 7 causes Deluge to crash. bug minor 1.3.6 Unknown
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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