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#1453 If binding to specified network adress fails, daemon defaults back to bug minor libtorrent 1.3.0
#2291 Stop seed at ratio not respected with GUI closed bug minor Core develop (git)
#2669 file association not set with two user accounts in win7 64 bit bug trivial GTK UI 1.3.10
#2706 [Execute] Potential issue when removing torrent with data bug minor Plugin develop (git)
#2841 Webui prefs plugin install button broken bug major Web UI develop (git)
#2842 Deluge outputting KeyError: '' bug minor Core develop (git)
#2867 web-gui does not changing deluge instance properly bug major Web UI 1.3.12
#2909 Startup not selecting first torrentview row in Standalone mode bug minor GTK UI develop (git)
#2910 Noticable delay between loading torrentview and sidebar upon startup bug trivial GTK UI develop (git)
#3001 GTK column sorting TypeError bug trivial GTK UI develop (git)
#3006 Missing torrent status disconnecting then reconnecting bug major GTK UI develop (git)
#3015 infinite ETA is less then smallest bug minor Web UI other (please specify)
#3025 Torrent progress raises and decreases with specified torrent bug minor Web UI develop (git)
#3053 Copy non-minified js to build if slimit missing bug trivial Packaging develop (git)
#3069 [AutoAdd] Log spamming bug minor Plugin develop (git)
#3071 KeyError in core bug minor Core develop (git)
#3072 Exception: Bad host id starting WebUI bug major Web UI develop (git)
#3073 Add launchd to osx packaging bug trivial Packaging other (please specify)
#3080 reappearing torrent after removal bug critical Core develop (git)
#3081 Move baseargparser out of deluge/ui bug minor Core develop (git)
#3085 Unable to launch 2.0 beta 1 on MacOS bug blocker Packaging other (please specify)
#3088 deluged pauses torrents randomly bug trivial libtorrent develop (git)
#3126 YaRSS fails to add torrents bug minor Unknown other (please specify)
#1015 Add a Tracker info tab andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#2115 [lt.sess_set.enable_*ing_tcp] uTP bandwidth management feature-request minor Core 1.3.5
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