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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3253 macOS GdkQuartzWindow set timestamp bug minor GTK UI develop
#3254 Migrate Windows version stamping feature-request minor Packaging develop
#3255 Migrate core to libtorrent-1.2 patch major libtorrent develop
#3308 New webapi with interactive docs (swagger-ui) feature-request minor Web UI develop
#3455 Add support for libtorrent-2 feature-request major libtorrent develop
#2257 [lt.sess_set.active_*] Allow setting of active_dht_limit, active_tracker_limit and active_lsd_limit. Fix bugs. patch major Core 1.3-stable
#2411 Open Folder action to remote client feature-request minor GTK UI 1.3-stable

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2253 Handle torrent add failures in web UI damoxc bug major Web UI other (please specify)
#2341 [win32] Problems installing/enabling plugins with non-ascii username bug minor GTK UI 1.3.6
#1275 Allow users to have blank/no password damoxc feature-request major Web UI 1.3.0_dev
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