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#2396 status bar active torrents info feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#2433 specification of torrent file directory causes its clearance feature-request minor Unknown 1.3.6
#2403 size column only shows download size feature-request minor Console UI other (please specify)
#880 Set urgent hint on completion of tasks andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#2773 session timeout relax feature-request minor Web UI 1.3.13
#581 Seperate seeding bandwidth limit option andar feature-request trivial Core
#1700 Seperate plugins into their own repositories feature-request minor Plugin other (please specify)
#1896 Resolve Peer Hostnames feature-request minor Unknown 1.3.2
#2025 renaming torrent via deluge console feature-request minor Console UI
#2063 Removing extra files feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#2503 "Remove Torrent" doesn't remove "not downloaded" files feature-request minor Core 1.3.7
#2158 remove torrent and data based on seed time and ratio plugin-request minor Plugin 1.3.5
#2041 remove empty folders due to content_filename move feature-request minor Core 1.3.3
#623 Remember sorting column used for each label andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#1080 Preferences dialog clean-up andar feature-request major GTK UI
#940 Popout window with torrent details & stats andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#2725 Plugin to automatically find and configure a proxy plugin-request minor Plugin 1.3.11
#2442 Plaintext auth passwords. bug major Core master
#1332 Per tracker ratio (may be a plugin-request) feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#397 per file, per torrent, and per multiple torrent speedlimits andar plugin-request minor Plugin
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio andar feature-request minor Core
#1879 Option to add suffix to incomplete files feature-request minor Core
#2668 Open files via deluge's file window. feature-request minor GTK UI
#2198 one more option to move at ratio feature-request major Plugin other (please specify)
#2162 Name of "renamed torrent files" in the main UI feature-request minor GTK UI 1.3.5
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