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#2433 specification of torrent file directory causes its clearance feature-request minor Unknown 1.3.6
#2486 [Label] Network Options for Labels feature-request minor Plugin 1.3-stable (git)
#2503 "Remove Torrent" doesn't remove "not downloaded" files feature-request minor Core 1.3.7
#2517 Disk space sorter (for lack of a better name) plugin-request minor Plugin other (please specify)
#2539 Tracker blocklist feature-request minor Unknown other (please specify)
#2668 Open files via deluge's file window. feature-request minor GTK UI
#2719 Support reading DHT nodes from metainfo files (BEP-0005) feature-request minor Unknown 1.3.11
#2723 Support HTTPS proxies feature-request minor Unknown 1.3.11
#2725 Plugin to automatically find and configure a proxy plugin-request minor Plugin 1.3.11
#2773 session timeout relax feature-request minor Web UI 1.3.13
#2787 [GTKUI][Connection Manager] Start Daemon Config Option feature-request minor GTK UI develop (git)
#2873 managing multiple daemons feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#2896 [MacOS] Problems with close action to system tray menu and dock bug minor GTK UI 1.3.13
#3134 tracker and peer proxy settings feature-request minor libtorrent 1.3.15
#581 Seperate seeding bandwidth limit option andar feature-request trivial Core
#623 Remember sorting column used for each label andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#626 Maintain ratio for torrent above set level andar feature-request trivial Core
#679 List of previously used Tracker Announce urls andar feature-request trivial GTK UI 1.2.0_dev
#685 Modified icon tooltip on events (notification) andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#859 Allow to give priority to files approaching completion andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#880 Set urgent hint on completion of tasks andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#940 Popout window with torrent details & stats andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#1013 Disk space checker plugin johnnyg plugin-request trivial Plugin
#1042 Combined Status information for multiple selected torrents andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#1097 Javascript code lacks doc strings/comments damoxc feature-request trivial Web UI 1.3.0_dev
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