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#3589 Randomly cannot change priority of individual files in active torrent bug minor Unknown 2.1.0
#3591 deluged crashes upon addition of multiple torrents bug minor Unknown 2.1.0
#3592 Pressing the down button on "Move Complete Folder" crashes GTK bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3594 Web UI can only connect to one daemon at a time but shows both daemon's torrents bug minor Web UI 2.1.0
#3606 Force re-check individual files feature-request minor Unknown 2.0.5
#3607 padding files bug minor Unknown 2.0.5
#3608 Torrents come up in "paused" state after restart bug minor Unknown
#3609 Add a way to query daemon RPC protocol version feature-request minor Core develop
#3612 'Install-plugin' broken in web-UI bug minor Web UI develop
#3616 HTTP Connect should use tracker domains instead of IP bug minor libtorrent 2.1.0
#3617 Webui password is reset when storage containing web.conf is full bug minor Unknown
#3618 File-priority 'skip' sometimes ignored. bug minor Core develop
#3619 [Web API] Empty response adding a duplicate torrent bug minor Web UI master
#3620 attempt to remove torrent that is currently moved to new destination results in UI hang bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3621 deluged ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'zope' bug minor Unknown 2.1.0
#3622 Tray password bug. bug minor GTK UI develop
#3626 [Blocklist] "Session paused always" issue. bug minor Plugin develop
#3627 Block List Wont Remember bug minor Unknown 2.0.5
#3629 Zero-length files not accepted bug minor Core 2.0.5
#3630 New (active) goes to the "Paused" list bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3637 WebUI should not ask for password when it is null bug minor Web UI develop
#3639 Localized date format feature-request minor Web UI develop
#2376 Deluge still announces to trackers even when torrent is paused. bug major Core other (please specify)
#2440 Stats send to tracker are reset to 0 on pause and quit bug major Unknown 1.3.6
#2833 multiple torrents with overlapping folder structures lose incomplete files when 1st torrent completes bug major Unknown 1.3.15
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